My journey of 30 years on expeditions in the Amazon region allowed me to acquire a unique experience and a passionate dedication. Now, to complete this task, the project of indexing and making available my photographic archive is born. This is the second stage of a life dedicated to documenting the Amazon, and I am doing it with the same passionate dedication, diving deeply into my analog and digital archive, made up of more than 100,000 photographs.

Within this project, I am generously selecting and captioning about 1,000 images, among the most significant, including original photo metadata, technical and scientific information, photography tips, and the photographer’s personal considerations. The selection and processing of each image is completed with the publication on the PhotoAMAZONICA website. Built on the WordPress platform, with a minimalist design and free of any advertising or distraction, the digital environment of the collection is entirely focused on photography and its description. The platform facilitates user interaction with comments and image search can be done by categories and keywords.

One of the main advantages of this platform is the integration with collections from institutions and museums through the Tainacan plugin, developed by the University of Brasília.

However, the most gratifying goal of this task is to account to the “People of the Amazon” and to the Amazon itself. I wish to offer an Image Bank, available to institutions and entities, but mainly to culture and education, such as for teachers and students looking for images to illustrate their research, or for artists, musicians or writers looking for a cover or specific images for their promotion.

I hope these images can contribute to the growth of environmental awareness and the preservation of the region, as they were produced with the magnificent beauty of the Amazonian ecosystems and their people in mind.

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