Born in France in 1951, Leonide Principe is a photographer, sailor and tree climber. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, Italy. In 1981 he crossed the Atlantic on a sailboat, sailed the coasts of Latin America and the Caribbean, and in 1989 he went to the Amazon working for the photo agency Sipa press of Paris. He then decided to settle in the largest forest on the planet and build an image bank of the region, called PhotoAmazonica.

Its main purpose during more than 30 years in the Amazon has always been field work, putting the publication of his work in the background.

Despite this, he published several books, postcards, sent photographs to the main national and international nature magazines such as Terra, Revista Geographica, Geo, Natura Oggi, among others. Exhibitions were held at the Latin America Memorial in São Paulo, Government Palace of Amazonas, Cultural Center of the Peoples of the Amazon (CCPA). The latter houses the whole Archive – analogue and digital – of the PhotoAmazonica project (Banco de Imagens da Amazônia).

The next projects resume the dissemination of photographic work with book publishing, national and international exhibitions, NFT collections. The main project remains in indexing the archive in English and Portuguese, with generous captions including personal stories and impressions, technical data and metadata. 5,000 of the most significant photographs are being selected from an archive of +100,000 images, to be managed by the CCPA under the terms of the REA – Open Educational Resources (Creative Commons), that is, for free use in favor of culture and education. Through the Tainakan system, the Archive will be able to connect to the national network of Museums that are prepared for this.

Recently, an exhibition of photographs was held at the Pan-Amazonian Countries Summit in Belém, sponsored by Sino-LAC and supported by the Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Education, Secretariat of Culture of Amazonas and Secretariat of Culture of Pará.


From September 25 to October 6, 2023, an exhibition will be held at the Federal Senate with the support of Senator Omar Aziz.
Space Evandro Cunha Lima – Praça dos Três Poderes – Brasília DF

Sailing from Fortaleza to Cayenne, French Guiana, with the wind at bay and the current in our favor, in 1987 I was approaching the mouth of the Amazon River in the most pleasant sailing. The 55-foot sailboat sailed up to 200 miles a day, effortlessly. Claudio Principe, my brother, accompanied me as a crew member.

First contact with Amazon

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