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Postcards category
Selection of the best photographs, at the discretion of the photographer.

Orchids category
A journey into the treetops. A year of expeditions in the forest.

Riverines category
On the banks of the Amazonian rivers live the riverside people.

Ecoliteracy category
Children’s relationship with nature.

Amazonian landscapes category
Rivers, lakes, forests, mountains…

Amazon river Dolphin category
Improperly named “pink dolphin”.

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Amazonian PostcardsAmazonian Apes, unboredTender slothAmazon River DolphinAmazon WaterscapesAmazon EcoliteracyAmazon RainforestThe Jaguar, my neighborAmazonian Wild orchidsRiverinesAmazonian Animals

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Presencial Exposition Project: 2023 Exposition

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