2023 Exposition

The “30 Years of Forest” in-person exhibition project features 70 printed panels in the 27.56 inch x 27.56 inch format. The exhibition is directly connected to the photographer’s website through a QR code. When the code is activated on a mobile device, the corresponding web page for that panel will open in the browser, offering the exhibition visitor more options regarding the searched image. The web page contains related photographs, technical and scientific information, photography tips, and personal opinions.

Additionally, the visitor can interact on the web page with comments, direct messages to the photographer, and newsletter subscription.

The exhibition project also includes a social counterpart, meaning a tangible return to the local community, applied to a social, educational, or cultural institution (schools, community associations, children’s shelters, senior homes, prisons, etc.).

Exposition in portuguese only.

Access the Virtual Gallery in the Metaverse

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