Butterfly mating


Race in the forest
The butterflies (Methona themisto) landed on a branch near me. I released my equipment bag, assembled a long focal lens (80-200mm zoom) and a flash, and approached very slowly. When I was about to take the shot, they flew away and started playing. I hopped towards them, feeling both silly and joyful, and they flew away more and more as I tried to imitate their lightness, I would point my camera at them and they would fly away… until the moment of opportunity, time stopped along with them, they were posing for me and That’s how they stayed until I found my perfect frame. Soon after, they went on their final flight, absorbed again in the intriguing intelligence of the forest.
Now I just needed to find my gear bag, dropped off anywhere…

P13_308 – Leonide Principe
Camera Nikon F5 with Nikkor lens 80-200mm f2.8 – Camera mounted flash – Diapositive Film Fujichrome Velvia 50 – Scanner: Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED
Digitised from a positive on film –
Original file size: 5257px x 3493px
Location Taken: Reserva Ducke (Manaus – Amazonas Brazil)
Date Taken: 1993
Collection: Insects – Persons shown: none
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EN1 Butterfly mating P13_308
PT1 Acasalamento de borboletas P13_308
© – Leonide Principe, all right reserved

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