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  • Let me piss

    Let me piss

    Civilized humans don’t urinate like that anymore, humans have a politely closed little room and deposit their waste and draw water,

  • Not bored, maybe sad

    Not bored, maybe sad

    The monkey in the photo, like all the monkeys in the collection, doesn’t have a bored face, never, it just seems to have a sad face.

  • Spider monkey puppies

    Spider monkey puppies

    I arrived at the river dweller’s house, greeted the whole family, and noticed that in a corner of the backyard there were two spider monkey puppies…

  • Dear baby

    Dear baby

    Sheltered, protected, pampered, the baby monkey grows in the safest place in the world. He is the mother’s absolute priority…

  • Terrifying sound

    Terrifying sound

    The red howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus) is the loudest land animal in the world, with its calls reaching up to 140 decibels…

  • The thinker

    The thinker

    The white-fronted capuchin monkeys are commonly known as cairara (Cebus albifrons). They are highly intelligent…

  • Eye to eye

    Eye to eye

    Sorry, I’m just watching your reflected light, and recording it here in my little black box, I’m cool with you!

  • Jumping woolly monkey

    Jumping woolly monkey

    The muscular monkey showed his value as in a weightlifting contest, jumping all the time to show his strength and also to show that

  • Shameless monkey

    Shameless monkey

    The capuchin monkey seems to smell the flower, but make no mistake, he is about to make another prank, as is his nature.

  • Curious communication

    Curious communication

    My friend Thierry, companion of many navigations and maritime storms, came to visit me in the Amazon and, of course,

  • Kissing Woolly monkey

    Kissing Woolly monkey

    Kissing Woolly monkey (Lagotrix lagotricha) There was a park at km 40 of BR174 Federal road

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