Category: Orchids

  • Ephemeral flower

    Ephemeral flower

    That is, until one day, suddenly, she opened the doors of her cathedral to me, ten years after our first meeting.

  • What? Hybrid?

    What? Hybrid?

    When two species such as C. eldorado and C. violacea, despite having different flowering times, due to special circumstances…

  • Dark wonder

    Dark wonder

    The orchid receives exotic names such as ‘dark wonder’ or ‘dark warrior’ for its petals and dark burgundy sepals.

  • An angel

    An angel

    An orchid with open arms, wings and even aureola, a protective angel of nature. I ask myself, again I ask myself, I always ask myself:

  • Little fairy

    Little fairy

    The inevitable question always comes to my mind: who designed you? so perfect! so harmoniously proportioned!

  • A minute violet dot

    A minute violet dot

    A minute violet dot about 40 meters high from an adult and healthy kapok tree, there it was, enjoying the shade of a very sunny afternoon.

  • Immaculate beauty

    Immaculate beauty

    In Central America, it is popularly known as “orquídea de la Virgen Maria” and, certainly, its immaculate beauty justifies

  • Bifrenaria rudolfii

    Bifrenaria rudolfii

    In this photographic version, the foreground was then isolated to reduce background brightness and thus allow the main

  • Aphrodisiac perfume

    Aphrodisiac perfume

    This orchid (Catasetum barbatum) it is unique in having male, female, and hermaphroditic flowers, pollinated by male Euglossine bees.

  • Priestess flower

    Priestess flower

    I had obtained authorization to photograph in an area reserved for research, INPA’s Campina Reserve. I had all day to flutter between

  • Perfect symmetry

    Perfect symmetry

    The perfect symmetry of the flower suggests a very complex geometry, which can even be carried on an architect’s drawing board. But

  • Cattleya eldorado

    Cattleya eldorado

    It is mainly present in campinas, in areas of high luminosity, preferentially vegetating on macucu (Aldina heterophylla).

  • Ballerina orquid

    Ballerina orquid

    Notice the arms crossed above the head and the legs, as if standing on tiptoe. Who drew you, dancer?

  • Poet’s orchid

    Poet’s orchid

    The wooer came, adding more wonders. Yes, the courtier comes to flower to perfume himself, as this is part of his mating ritual.

  • Inebriating perfume

    Inebriating perfume

    The discovery of a flowering orchid in the treetops is a celebration. I once stood in the canopy for several hours,

  • Blue orchid

    Blue orchid

    The orchid like very much to grow near waterfalls, like in the picture, taken near the Neblina waterfall,

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