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  • Children from another era

    Children from another era

    P02_032 Yanomami Reserve, Serra dos Surucucus, in Roraima.Children from another era, heirs of an eco-literate civilization, with higher education for all. It is not about praising a people out of pure ideology or ancestral guilt, but simply recognizing in that people what our people have forgotten: the ability to acknowledge, respect, and care for our…

  • Children to care

    Children to care

    D18_9273 Ships carrying mountainsChildren play carefree by the Amazon River waterfront in Macapá. Ships on the horizon have arrived from afar to load the minerals extracted from the region, they carry entire mountains, the mountains that will be missing for those children, yes, they are taking the children’s mountains (as Airton Krenak would say)… children…

  • Awarded forest

    Awarded forest

    Image awarded first place in the 11th Itaú-BBA National Contest of Photography in the Flowered Forest category.

  • Woman in charge

    Woman in charge

    In the white waters of the Solimões River, the riverside woman rolls up, steering the boat by the bow.

  • Total trust

    Total trust

    It is recognized that Amazon River Dolphins change their behavior in the presence of children and pregnant women

  • A tree and a rope

    A tree and a rope

    This is dangerous, irresponsible and useless, and, worse still, subjects the child to the risk of an accident. Is it really?

  • Classroom


    How about this classroom? Mounted on the Filhote, a young samaumeira, near a jungle hotel, the table was

  • Shool day

    Shool day

    In Paraná do Ariaú, it’s just another day. The father is already at work, the boys go to school, and this is the house where the family lives.

  • Bug reputation

    Bug reputation

    The Jequitiranaboia or peanut head bug (Fulgura laternaria) suffers from a terrible reputation: they say it has poison, brings bad luck, and many

  • Talking butterfly

    Talking butterfly

    The monarch butterfly has a very singular characteristic: long migratory journeys take them thousands of kilometers from their birthplace

  • Special night

    Special night

    The kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) was in bloom, and I had had my fill of photographs during the day.

  • Child in the tree

    Child in the tree

    Child and tree are two entities that generate benevolence, either on the one hand or on the other.

  • Moriche palm boat

    Moriche palm boat

    On a lost beach between Barcelos and Moura, where there is a lower population densities on the planet, the riverside man builds…

  • Riverside children

    Riverside children

    Riverside children have everything to be happy. I saw this happiness in the most isolated communities, I also saw how, as the community

  • My friend the dolphin!

    My friend the dolphin!

    The outstretched hand is the clear sign of communication beyond human words.

  • Living nature

    Living nature

    Pachamamita teaches much more than the Ministry of Education, effortlessly, without funds and budgets other than

  • Extraterrestrial visit

    Extraterrestrial visit

    Everything indicates that it is an extra-terrestrial, who came to visit our world bringing a message of peace.

  • Little masters

    Little masters

    Do I need to compare with other toys? I mean other toys that are taken for granted, disregarded toys that clog

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